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Sweet Hungarian Paprika

Sweet paprika is a traditional spice in Hungarian gastronomy, but thanks to its distinctive, aromatic, slightly sweetish flavour, it has become world famous. This type is not hot at all, and can be used in most dishes that call for a whole lot of flavour, and a burst of stunning colour. The most popular types of paprika are from Szeged and Kalocsa, named after the region where they are cultivated. Sweet Hungarian paprika is at the heart of popular Hungarian dishes such as goulash and chicken paprikash. This beloved spice comes in a variety of different intensity and colours, and typically the more vibrant the colour, the more flavourful it is. One thing we can agree on: its bright red colour makes any food that it is added to so much more appealing.

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What is sweet paprika?

Paprika is a traditional spice used in Hungarian gastronomy, but it is also popular in many other countries, like Spain. As the name suggests, sweet paprika is made from peppers that are mild in heat and have a sweet, rather than spicy, flavor. In addition to its use as a spice, sweet paprika is also used as a natural food coloring. Use sweet paprika when you want to add a little color and a mild peppery flavor to a dish without any heat. 

Is sweet paprika the same as paprika? 

In general, paprika refers to any type of ground chili peppers, while sweet paprika specifically refers to a type of paprika that is mild in heat and has a sweet flavor. There are three main varieties of Hungarian paprika, sweet, hot and smoked. Sweet paprika is the typical type used when the recipe simply calls for paprika.

Is Hungarian sweet paprika the same as sweet paprika?

In general, Hungarian paprika is not the same as sweet paprika. However, Hungarian paprika can include sweet paprika as one of its varieties. Hungarian sweet paprika is native to Hungary and is a key ingredient in many traditional Hungarian dishes.  It is of a higher quality than regular paprika, thanks to centuries of tradition in pepper cultivation and paprika production.

Where to buy Hungarian sweet paprika?

When shopping for Hungarian sweet paprika, be sure to check the label to ensure that you are getting the real deal. Some paprikas labeled as “Hungarian” may actually be made from peppers grown in other countries, typically in Spain or China. Look for paprika that is made from Hungarian peppers and labelled as such to ensure that you are getting the authentic flavor and quality of Hungarian sweet paprika.

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