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Everything About Hungarian Paprika

Hungarian paprika is the iconic spice of Hungarian cuisine, an indispensable base for traditional Hungarian chicken paprikash and goulash. Its bright red colour makes it perfect for colouring dishes, and quality Hungarian paprika is also an excellent flavouring. Two regions stand out for their production of Hungarian paprika: Szeged and Kalocsa.
When you buy Hungarian paprika, it’s important to check that it’s made from 100% Hungarian peppers. In many paprika powders, Hungarian paprika is blended with foreign paprika – typically Spanish or Chinese – as they are cheaper than Hungarian paprika. However, there is a huge difference in quality, with Hungarian ground paprika being much more premium and therefore typically used as a product enhancer in these blends. Our webshop only offers products from reliable Hungarian suppliers, guaranteeing that you are buying 100% authentic Hungarian paprika.
Kalocsa is a Hungarian town on the Danube, where paprika has been produced since the end of the 19th century. Kalocsa paprika is a “protected designation of origin” (D.O.P.) product on the market. The characteristic flavour, aroma and colour of the ground paprika come from the local pepper varieties and the technological and quality management systems used in the processing of the ingredients. Kalocsa paprika has become one of the world’s most famous Hungarian specialities, and has been at the top of the international paprika market for the last century.

The Szeged region is located in the southern part of Hungary. Only those paprika powders that are certified as being made from local pepper varieties and that have been processed and packaged here can be called Szeged Paprika. Since 2010, the Szeged Hungarian Paprika has been labelled as a “protected designation of origin” (D.O.P.) product on the market. The Szeged Paprika has a colour intensity of min. 120 ASTA and the taste can be sweet, hot or smoked.

Not entirely. There are many varieties of Hungarian paprika, tasting sweet, hot, smoked or even a combination of these. Traditionally, Hungarian smoked paprika is made by smoking the dried peppers with acacia and beech wood, and then ground into a fine powder.

The short answer is: yes. Regular paprika is used more for its colour and has a mild peppery flavour. Hungarian paprika, on the other hand, is more complex than that, with colours ranging from light red to bright – not to mention its distinctive sweet taste. Hungarian paprika also comes in hot and smoked varieties.
Spanish paprika is typically made with smoked peppers, the heat and sweetness levels vary based on the blend of peppers used. Hungarian paprika can be sweet, hot, smoked or a combination of these. Spanish paprika is traditonally smoked with oak, while Hungarian paprika is smoked with acacia and beech wood, which gives a completely different aroma and suits different types of food.

D.O.P. stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin and often indicated as P.O.D.). You will see this mark on paprika powders that owe their distinctive characteristics to their place of origin. According to the regulations, the cultivation and processing of the peppers must take place in the specified geographical area, using local varieties. Two varieties of Hungarian paprika have been labelled as D.O.P., the Szeged and the Kalocsa Hungarian Paprika.

Depending on its quality, the colour of the paprika can vary from bright red to pale reddish brown. The ASTA (American Spice Trade Association) value is an internationally defined standard and indicates the colour content of the paprika. In other words, the more red the colour, the higher the ASTA value is. For Hungarian paprika, the classifications are as follows:

  • Above 130 ASTA – Exquisite paprika powder
  • Between 110 and 129 ASTA – Delicate paprika powder
  • Between 100 and 109 ASTA – Noble sweet paprika powder
  • Between 60 and 99 ASTA – Rose paprika powder

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