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MEROPS™ Premium Smoked Sweet Hungarian Paprika 113g / 4oz

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Enjoy the delicious combination of sweetness and a hint of smokiness in this smoked paprika. Sourced from the renowned region of Szeged, this paprika is carefully smoked with oak wood, adding a delicious smoky touch to its sweetness.

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MEROPS™ Hungarian Paprika captures the essence of Hungary’s rich culinary tradition and delivers unmatched flavor, aroma, and color in every dish. Proudly sourced from small Hungarian farmers, this precious spice is cultivated with passion using heritage farming methods. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Hungarian cuisine with MEROPS™ Premium Hungarian Paprika Powders!

  • Produced with heritage farming methods to maintain the rich culinary tradition.
  • Sourced exclusively from the esteemed Szeged region in Hungary.
  • Deep red color and high color content (ASTA value 140+), ensuring vibrant dishes.
  • Non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, and free from additives for a pure culinary experience.
  • Each package is thoughtfully designed with a resealable pouch to preserve freshness.
Weight 0.2 kg
Net weight

113g / 4oz



Place of origin

Szeged region, Hungary (100%)




Resealable bag

ASTA value



In a dry, cool place, protected from light

Best before

At least 8-12 months from purchase date



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bob & Claire
5 Stars ++++

First time trying Hungarian Paprika and I'm a fan. The smell of the Paprika is strong and the flavor really good. This is a smoked hot paprika and well worth the cost and definitely worth trying.

High quality, deep flavors, nice product!

Love this product, this is one of the most fragrant one I gotten in a while. Obviously comparing this to local supermarkets cause not everyone has access to dedicated spice stores. This is by far the most powerful and pungent one I've ever gotten. But with great power comes a great price. Comparable to supermarket this is a few times more expensive. I think it is worth the price. So in short, would 100% buy again.

Devin Lindsay
This Flavor!!! YEAH!

This is probably my favorite smell in the world right now. I opened the pack of paprika and took a whiff and was blown away. I had to find my wife right away and have her smell it. She was also amazed. Then I went and found each of my kids and had them smell it as well and every one of them was like "Oh... that's amazing."

I ended up putting this on a few different cuts of steak and ribs and then added some salt. That was all I needed to make an amazing tasting meat on my grill. It's a great price for what you're getting and when you also consider the incredible flavor, it's a steal.

I'm very happy with this paprika and am really enjoying it. Easy 5 stars!

Rich, pungent flavor without bitterness

Smoked paprika is, in general, one of my favorite spices. I ended up liking this brand a lot. The flavor is rich and pungent, without any bitterness or burnt taste. I used this to season my salmon burgers, as well as garnish chickpeas on a salad, and it was great both raw and cooked. I do prefer to add smoked paprika towards the end of cooking, to preserve as much as the flavor as possible.

The spice is finely ground and uniform. This comes in a resealable bag. The current price of $12.49 for 4 ounces is a bit high, but it's definitely a quality product.

OMG out of this world flavor

I use a lot of Paprika, and even have some smoked paprika but none of what I have can compare to this stuff. It's got a beautiful smokey flavor with no odd aftertaste and the paprika is bright and sweet. The two flavor combined are just out of this world. If you need to elevate your dishes or even add a little extra to your deviled eggs, this is the stuff. I have never had such an amazing paprika before.

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